Features that take the work out of workflow

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Keep it super simple.

An easy-to-use real estate system, featuring smart automations and seamless integrations. 

Online Rent Payments

Simple, easy online rental collection fro you and your tenants.

Online Leasing Signing

In just a few clicks, sign and store leases and other documents online.

Web App

RoomMate access anywhere for you and your renters.

Security & Cloud

Serious security and convenience so you don't have to worry about your data.

Maintenance Request

Manage work orders and your maintenance team all in one place.

Expense & Reporting

Understand your business better than ever before with insightful reports.

Multi Users

Allows multiple individuals to access and use the software

Listing & Syndication

Spread the word about your rentals to attract more tenants.


For more efficient management.

Software designed for your needs. Real-time tracking, active support, time-saving, and just simple.  

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Effortless Oversight Control

  • Tenant Communication

  • Contracts Management

  • Open APIs

  • Tasks Management

Communicate with your tenants in a few clicks

Streamline your property management by automating essential communications. Our platform sends scheduled messages directly—via SMS, email, or letter—without you visiting the post office. Plus, send personalised messages to all tenants at once.

Prefer full automation? Set it up to auto-send payment reminders and receipts, and let RoomMate handle the rest, hassle-free

Manage your contracts with ease ​

Thanks to the registration of the information in your contracts, our software will anticipate for you all the actions to be taken or important dates: end of contracts, indexations, payments due from your tenants, break dates, etc. 

All your data will be centralized and easily accessible by you and your employees. 

Unlock new levels of collaboration

Open up additional revenue streams, and enhance your service offerings with our versatile APIs. By integrating our APIs into your existing systems, you create a seamless ecosystem that fosters partnership and innovation.

These powerful tools allow for the customisation and extension of your services, offering you the flexibility to tailor solutions to your clients' needs.

We notify you of key dates and actions to take

Automate key management tasks, including late payment reminders, rent indexation, and handling contract terminations and renewals. Beyond these default tasks, personalise your management by adding custom one-off or recurring reminders.

Never miss annual boiler servicing, insurance proof requests, or follow-ups on lease terminations. Stay on top of everything simply effortlessly.


Got questions?

Can I use the platform for free?

Yes, on the pricing page, simply select the "FREE" plan and register your account. No credit card details are required for the free account, and you can immediately start using Estelle to manage your portfolio. If you have more than 3 units under management, you will eventually want to upgrade to the transaction or premium plan.

How does RoomMate Estelle work?

RoomMate Estelle is an online real estate property management platform that you have access to anytime and anywhere. Estelle enables you to digitise and simplify the management of your entire real estate portfolio. Through your Estelle dashboard, you can manage payments in real-time, lease agreements, calendar deadlines, maintenance requests, and all tenant communications, as well as have a real-time overview of how your portfolio is performing.

Can I use Estelle if I am a real estate portfolio manager?

RoomMate Estelle was designed with you in mind. No matter what type of rented accommodation you manage, Estelle is your link with your tenants. Your Estelle dashboard also includes a complete reporting system that makes the reporting side of your job even easier, so that you will save time when creating the performance report for the landlords you work with.

On Estelle, can I manage different types of lease agreements?

Yes, you will be able to manage every kind of lease agreement, from student accommodation to residential rentals, whether they are entire properties or split up into beds. If you are a real estate portfolio manager, you will be able to manage everything on behalf of the owner.

Is Estelle a software? Do I need to install anything?

No, Estelle is not a software, it’s a platform, which means that you don’t have to install anything. RoomMate Estelle is an online, cloud-based real estate portfolio management platform. Estelle is on the internet, which means that you use it directly from your internet browser on your computer. Just open it in your preferred web browser, from anywhere, at any time, and manage your real estate portfolio.

I use Excel to manage my rentals. What can using Estelle bring me?

Excel was not designed for real estate portfolio management. RoomMate Estelle allows you to centralise all of the processes that go into property management. Not only do we save you time and effort so that you can concentrate on the tasks that add the most value, but we also empower you to grow your portfolio by connecting you with valuable sources of information.

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